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Supply Chain Traceability is a pivotal aspect of the present-day business scenario, as there has been an increase in the demand for genuine products from both consumers and regulatory bodies. The tracking and monitoring of the movement of goods from the manufacturing unit to the end consumer of a company is the main goal of a Supply Chain Traceability Solution. The exponential increase in demand for authentic products from regulatory bodies and consumers puts companies under immense pressure to make sure of the traceability of their supply chains. In response to this need, innovative solutions like SupplyBeam are becoming popular in the industry.

Supply chain traceability platform, SupplyBeam not only provides a tamper-proof record of a product's journey but also helps companies quickly identify and address any issues that may arise, such as quality control problems or product recalls, etc. The platform allows companies to add unique serialization for each product, check plant storage, and track the product throughout the supply chain. In addition to the above, SupplyBeam helps companies improve their operations and reduce costs. With the in-depth record of the product's journey, Genefied’s SupplyBeam enables companies to be more transparent and responsible.

 Another advantage of SupplyBeam is its analytics capabilities, which allow companies to gain valuable insights into their supply chain performance. By analyzing data on the movement of goods and identifying patterns and trends, companies can identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations accordingly. Genefied’s SupplyBeam is also beneficial in giving real-time alerts and notifications that help in recognizing and resolving potential problems before they escalate. This approach minimizes disarrangements to the supply chain and ensures a smooth flow of goods. All in all, SupplyBeam by Genefied is a worthy solution for companies looking to enhance their supply chain traceability capabilities and also help companies improve their operations and reduce overall costs.

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