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Once Upon a Monobloc Chair

It plays many roles and embraces the environment it is placed in, just as a person would. It has been found at the fancy restaurant by the seadownplaying its decor, ideal to accomodate large audiences even at spontaneous gatherings, also saving a parking spot on the street.


The Monobloc chair - an all-time iconic object that began to be mass produced in the 1950s. 

Working with an iconic object that has revolutionised manufacturingand has taken over our homes and businesses as a low cost seating option began with an observation of its mass presence everywhere.


It is an experimental project that relates to our social behaviour; how cultures and places affect us and the way we perceive ourself. How obsessed we are with our looks and the brand we make of ourselves, what we wear and how it defines us.  

It’s about wanting to provoke debate about the value, appropriateness and style. 


The material in this series of chairs has been sourced from various locations in the region. The importance of the craftsmanship and the time dedicated to produce each embellishment is contrasted with the rapidity of the making of the plastic chair, known to be manufactured at a speed of 2min/chair.

Time dedicated to create fine details is slowly disappearing. We are more and more confronted with the expectation of producing more and faster, yet wuality and precision require time. 

The challenge also resides in the manufacturing - breaking the normal activity of a factory or business to work on an artistic object - a functional artwork that provokes debate. 


Several individuals and businesses have helped develop this collection of chairs. From sewing amateurs to haute-couture designers, large production manufacturers and craft-makers.




Various materials

Unique pieces

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