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Beacon is a public bench commissioned by Pharaon Group, following a public competition. It is a permanent installation in Nijmeh Square, Beirut, Lebanon.


A public space is the epicentre of a city and is fundamentally about people. Where they meet is at the core of what makes a city come alive. 



We come in various heights and sizes and there should be a place for everyone. 

Play and informality make a successful public element.


Sourced from the depths of the Earth, I've selected Basalt stone, a volcanic rock present in the region. In particular cases, when the lava needs to push its way through the earth, it naturally comes out in an hexagonal shape.  


Filled with symbolism, the 6 clusters represent the unity of the family, a key aspect to pushing boundaries and establishing relations; amongst them, a golden Beacon to guide the way into a bright future.






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