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Cloak refers to a clothing piece used for traveling, resembling a cape, worn over the shoulders to protect the vulnerable human body from the environment.

The Cloak Chair is an adaptable chair made to suit a wide variety of spaces and environments. Able to change its cloak-like covering that sits on the chair’s shoulders, it is a chameleon that is able to blend seamlessly into multiple contexts. It is related to transient lifestyles and the way we intuitively learn to adapt to different environments. 

The Cloak chair wears three types of cloaks -- the Outdoor version, made with durable fabric; the Winter version, made out of soft, comfortable felt; and lastly the Formal setting, made out of luxurious leather.

Cloak Chair was part of House of Today's 3rd Biennial show entitled Jungle Protocol at the Yacht Club Beirut, December 2016.

Leather work done in collaboration with Johnny Farah.




Walnut Wood, Leather

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